Apogee Health Partners was founded over 20 years ago by experienced health care management professionals from the hospital, insurance and medical provider sectors of the healthcare industry. Our goal has always been to add value in the delivery of healthcare to patients. We contract with HMO, PPO, Medicaid and Medicare health plans on behalf of our physician network and manage those contracts for them. We have also become a trusted source for independent physician services. Some we provide directly, others thru our wholly owned subsidiaries, VertexAdvantage, VertexIT and UnisLink and then finally thru our affiliated partners including Meditab, DrCatalyst and WebSite4MD.

As healthcare has changed, so have we. We have two areas of focus, helping independent practitioners and small group practices stay independent and then helping our member physicians improve quality, patient engagement, patient satisfaction and population health outcomes under value-based payment systems.

Our menu of “wrap-around” services gives you access to structured support typically only available in large group practices. In there, are tools to increase revenue, reduce costs and add financial stability to your practice. With financial stability in hand, the other tools for population health management, value-based care and patient engagement help you focus on doing more for your patients and being rewarded for it. Ask us about the improvements other physicians have seen by being part of Apogee Health Partners.