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Apogee Health Partners, Inc. is an Independent Physician’s Association, or IPA.  At Apogee we are constantly growing both our physician and patient base.  We are made up of over 140 independent physicians throughout Cook County and the surrounding counties in Illinois. Currently we have over 13,000 patients in our network.  To ensure the quality of our members, physicians are approved through a selection process that includes a thorough review by Apogee’s credentialing committee.

To belong to Apogee, we require no membership fees.  Apogee also has no scheduled mandatory meetings to attend, although we do try to meet with all of our members at least twice per year so that we can stay up to date with their needs.  Our physicians are capitated at an above average rate for the current month.

If you are interested in learning more about how Apogee can help can assist you, please fill out the form below, and Apogee representative will contact you to set up a confidential meeting.