Payor Contracting

Receiving payment from a health insurance plan doesn’t mean you’re contracted with that plan. It could be that the payment was based on lower out-of-network rates. If you’re not contracted with that plan, you’re certainly not in their provider directory and can’t be selected by one of their enrollees.
Just because you’re contracted with a health plan, doesn’t mean that you’re being paid at their highest rates, are contracted for all of their products or are listed correctly in their directory. Documentable, payor contracting is the foundation and the start of the revenue cycle and practice income.

As a member of Apogee Health Partners you have access to all of the health plans that Apogee is contracted with thru that single contract and you have access to a single individual, your Practice Advisor, to manage your relationships and solve your problems with all of the health plans. Apogee’s Practice Advisors are available to inventory your other documented payor contracts and make sure you’re contracted with the remaining major health plans in your market.