Patient Engagement

At Apogee we understand that patient engagement is the cornerstone of successful practices. It begins with the first new patient visit and runs thru every wellness visit and follow-up visit. Every patient interaction is an opportunity for patient engagement. It can require a mixture of high-touch office staff, on-site practice support, remote staffing and technology tools. Every practice is different.
Apogee can become your partner for patient outreach. Your Practice Advisor will work with your staff and your managed care plans to build procedures to connect with new patients for their initial visit, follow-up missed appointments, schedule recurring chronic disease management visits, and reconnect you with patients post-discharge whether from an emergency room or a hospitalization. Need a little more staff for these or other projects, our remote staffing services can be a solution.

Our Intelligent Medical Software can increase your efficiency and take patient engagement a step further with its:

  • Patient Portal
  • Patient mobile device app
  • Telemedicine
  • Web-based appointments
  • Customizable patient reminders via text messaging, email, letters, and pre-recorded phone calls

Missed appointments = missed care = missed value-based quality measures = missed revenue. With the right collaboration and resources, practices have reversed this equation and enhanced the patient experience, generated higher revenue and improved performance quality measures (HEDIS)