Office Staff On Demand

We provide best-in-class remote services that streamline and automate your clinical and administrative processes, giving you more time for what matters the most-your patient

We offer a number of Clinical and administrative services, Billing services, CCM services, and Marketing services designed to complement your office operations and empower you to do more! With our affiliated business partner, DrCatalyst, you can focus on patient care, we’ll take care of the rest!

Clinical and Administrative Services

Fax and document Management

Does Processing patient documents slow down your healthcare delivery? Let our highly trained remote staff digitize and manage your patients' documents to expedite your process.

Referral Tracking

Say goodbye to those lengthy phone calls and repetitious email! Our remote staff ensure that your clinic's referrals, both incoming and outgoing, are processed faster.

Authorization Processing and tracking

Can't treat patient on time because of delayed authorizations? Acquire authorization faster with a remote team dedicated to processing and following up on authorization requests.

Remote Phone Assistant

Minimize no-shows and streamline your front desk processes!
Our Remote staff can assume the role of a front desk assistant to deal with phone calls, scheduling, voicemail transcription, and appointment reminders.

New Patient Coordinator

We help collect and register the patient data needed to treat new patients in your practice. We'll also manage a centralized registry of patient data for you, helping you keep up-to-date, organized, and accessible health records.

Transcription Service

Are you documenting care instead of providing it?
dictate your notes to a recorder and let our medical transcriptionists create secure, accurate, and on-time transcriptions for you so that you can have more face time with your patients.

Reminders and Tasks Management

Go through your work day smoothly! We organize your daily tasks, set reminders, provide prompt assistance, track correspondence, and guide you through your treatment of patients.

Records Review

Guided by your clinic's standard operating procedures, we organize and summarize your patients' existing reports and make them easier for you to review.

MIPS Documentation

Achive consistent compliance, secure your incentives, and avoid penalties! Our remote staff document your MIPS compliance on your behalf so that you won't have to worry about the treating your patients!

"I wouldn't trade my remote nurses from DrCatalyst for anything. They have been helpful in the everyday administrative duties. They assisted in lowering our budget while keeping our standards high."
Renee Williman MacArthur