It’s your choice. You and your staff can struggle with all that credentialing paperwork… or take the Vertex Cure Instead.

How Credentialing Helps...

Fast, Secure, Accurate

With Vertex's Credentialing Services, all your professional credentials are verified for complete accuracy. Your secured profile is shared with everyone who needs it. Hospitals, insurance companies, PPOs, HMOs, and more. Your direct who receives your information. We take care of the rest.

Freedom from endless forms

No more paper forms, bulging files or long searches for missing documents. We draw all the data together for you one streamlined process. Just call us and feel the relief.

Full service, real savings

On-line services requires you to enter and update all your own data, but Vertex is different. Just send us your information and we handle the rest, start to finish. Think what your time is worth and you'll see the value of Vertex right away.

Speak to your team, not a phone tree

You'll know the name of the person who is doing your work for you. We're here to credentialing easy and pain-free.

For relief now, call 1.866.346.0858