Claim Process Recovery

Apogee Health Partners has experience processing millions of medical claims for managed care organization over decades. We also provide billing service and revenue cycle management services for physicians. With a team experienced in the Medicaid, Medicare and commercial lines of business, we understand both sides of the claims processing “fence” the separates practitioners from health insurance plans.

Yes, we do regular claims appeals and manage claims appeals as part of our services. We understand how health insurance companies should be paying your claims. Writing off claims or unpaid balances doesn’t need to be the final answer.

We go beyond that and identify improper denials and underpayments. We fight the insurance companies for you! We also check for uncorrected clearing house rejections, identify the rejection error, fix them and resubmit them in a timely manner.

As we audit your claims, we let you know about technical claim errors that generated unnecessary claim denials, check for sub-optimal CPT and ICD-10 coding including the proper use of modifiers and missed opportunities for proper HEDIS coding that can generate bigger HEDIS bonuses later on.

Ask us about what we’ve accomplished for other physicians and what we can do for your claims receivables or how we can increase your monthly/yearly revenue.