Technology Support

Why Choose VertexIT?

We know the business of healthcare and the issues you face.

We can remotely monitor your hardware, software and internet access without disturbing your office.

We look for ways to increase your bottom line.

Whether your organization is large or small, you will have your own personal IT Associate who understands your business needs. They can keep your system running smoothly and pinpoint ways to streamline your systems and help lower overhead.

We head off problems before they occur.

You never have to worry about: System Security, Data Backup to protect Vital Information, Hardware Problems, Internet Access Problems, Microsoft Support pack Updates, Managing Your mobile devices, Cloud based hosting

We're cost effective.

We formulate the best solutions for you and won't "overmedicate" your practice with upgrades you don't really need. Much of what we can do can be done remotely to save you money and minimize disruption for your staff and patients.

We're flexible.

You choose the affordable, customized, services that are right for your practice.

Prevent IT headaches and know that you're in control of your practice

VertexIT, a subsidiary of Apogee Health Partners, was started by businessmen who spent their entire careers in healthcare. VertexIT’s business has grown well outside of the healthcare industry, but that’s where our roots remain. Unlike other IT consulting or support companies who may have a few healthcare clients, at VertexIT, we know healthcare TM . We understand terms like HIPPA and HITECH and what they mean to a medical office. We know how medical offices operate, what billing systems are, how practice management systems work and we understand electronic medical record systems and the federal incentives, like MIPS, accelerating their adoption. In short, if you call about a problem with your scheduling system, we know the hardware, the operating system software and what a scheduling system is.

With the growing regulatory oversight on patient privacy, medical offices must meet higher standards in the reliability, security and recoverability of their information systems than offices in most other industries. Imagine the problems if a patient’s records just disappeared because of a faulty disk drive. VertexIT is here to help you manage these risks and responsibilities.

Our goal is to give you a reliable information system, while watching your bottom line and giving you more time to practice medicine and run your office.

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